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A senior portrait session is a true rite of passage and should be treated as such –  with true reverence and awe – AWE SHUCKS – it should be celebrated!

At Autumn Sissons Photography, it’s all about you!  This is about recording a special time – a rite of passage, with joy, fun and laughter.  We offer unique locations and personalized package options.

We offer a variety of senior sessions from a short 30-minute session to a 4-hour half-day session.  We tailor each session to match your personality, activities and needs.  We even have a changing tent for ease and comfort while on a location session.

We encourage all seniors to bring three or four outfits.  As a general rule, something casual, something dressy and your favorite outfit, the one that’s always on the floor dirty.  If you’re into sports, your sport uniform would be GREAT!  Do you play golf? Bring your clubs.  What music do you like?  Do you play an instrument?  Bring it!  We want your senior pictures to truly represent your senior year.

Ladies are encouraged to bring their prom dresses – who doesn’t want a second chance to wear it? Besides, they make awesome grunge shots!

At Autumn Sissons Photography, it really is all about you.  We want your images to be special, different from those of your friends.  To do this, we need your input, your thoughts and most of all, your personality.

If you have any questions, comments, thoughts or ideas, please feel free to contact us at or 918.369.2470.